What Makes Us Different?

Conventional Suction Suspension and Elevated Vacuum Suspension

Xtreme Prosthetics uses primarily two forms of suspension: conventional suction suspension and elevated vacuum suspension.

Conventional suction suspension is achieved by using a sealed system with an expulsion valve and a sealing sleeve. In come cases, we have enough residual limb length to use a system that doesn’t require a sealing sleeve.

Elevated vacuum suspension is when a vacuum pump is added to the suction suspension. Elevated vacuum has several significant features:

  1. Improved Vascularsation – This results in a much healthier residual limb, resulting in higher patient comfort.
  2. Maintaining a more constant volume of the residual limb, which means less change in the size and shape of the residual limb over a 14 to 18 hour wearing schedule.
  3. Proprioception. This is how you perceive the weight of the prosthesis. Each case is quite different. Patients don’t perceive the weight of the prosthesis to be heavy at all. In several fittings over our last 14 years of doing vacuum suspension, patients state openly that this is the first prosthesis that feels as though it is a part of them.
  4. Prosthetic control. This makes the prosthetic and the residual limb as one unit moving through space.

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